Napalm Challenge

So you think you can handle your heat? Think again!

We have created our Napalm BBQ Sauce using not 1 but 3 of the Worlds HOTTEST chillies:

Carolina Reaper (currently the hottest chilli in the World, with 2.2M SHU)
Trinidad Moruga Scorpian (only recently beaten by the Carolina Reaper as the World’s hottest chilli, hits over 2M SHU)
Bhutjolokia (this is one BAD boi! Also known as the Naga Ghost chilli and was the first chilli pepper to go over 1M SHU)

The Rules

To win you have to complete our NAPALM CHICKEN WING CHALLENGE.
Purchase of Chicken Wing Meal is necessary.
Participant must eat all 6 Napalm chicken wings, all fries and slaw (on their own without any help) in 15 minutes.
You puke, you lose (this counts during and after challenge).
No drink is allowed during the challenge or 5 minutes after the completion of the challenge.
This is a dine in offer only and will be timed by a member of staff.
Challenge available as part of special events (contact us for more info).
If successful the participant will win a voucher for 2 free main meals (+ a side to share) and picture on the wall o’ fame!
Participants must be medically healthy and sign a disclaimer (view here) before taking the challenge.
*Over 18’s ONLY.